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Colin Becenko

Colin Becenko

The CSI Team is led by Colin Becenko and brings over 25 years of experience. Colin grew up in the steel industry and began his career in 1993. Since then, he has worked and excelled in all aspects of the business. He is a ‘360’ degree Steel Industry Professional. Colin brings a modern, innovative and personal approach to his work and is well-known throughout the industry for his reliable, timely, service, and the high quality craftmanship demanded by his team.

Alex Williams
Project Manager

Alex Williams

Alex is a valued member of the CSI team and is also well known as an Autocad Specialist. Alex has been in the Industry for just over 6 years and has worked alongside Colin for 4 of those years. With a professional and attentive work ethic – Alex exceeds client expectations in a timely, efficient manner.

Bob Wallbank
Plasma Specialist

Bob brings over twenty years of experience to the CSI Team. His exceptional attention to detail and execution of design has awarded him a reputation for excellence in the industry. Bob’s work can be seen in a variety of projects throughout Western Canada.

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